Sealing Marble Surfaces

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While you will find a seemingly endless amount of sealant products on the market, this guide has narrowed down your options to help you find the best of those products. Using any of the following sealers will be an excellent choice for protecting your natural stone countertops. Sealing is the process of applying a sealer to your countertop to protect the surface from damages.

One 18 ounce can covers about 120 square feet of granite or other natural stone surface so it’s perfect for smaller jobs. Rock Doctor also sells their top-selling 3-Piece Combo Kit at a great price, making it the best complete granite maintenance option around. But if you’ve got one eye on your granite and another on your wallet, you can’t do much better than the Rock Doc. It’s one of the most affordable granite sealers on the market. Plus, you can even spray this onto your grout to keep it mold-free.

Even if your counters need to be sealed, the dark spot from the mineral oil will evaporate in about 30 minutes. Apply the sealer to each tile individually, using a foam brush or soft cloth dipped in the sealer. The goal is to create a very thin layer that evaporates in a matter of minutes. If bubbles do form, smooth them out with the front edge of the brush. Larger projects require more sealer to get a quality coat and deep penetration.

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For ceramic tiles, this will provide additional protection, and can be used with stones such as granite, marble, masonry and limestone. Use this as a pre-grout sealer on your tiles for extra protection in areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. Tri-Nova makes this amazing professional marble sealer that uses a more powerful blend of polymers than most of the other sealers on this list. It penetrates the stone’s porous surface in order to stop stains from becoming a permanent part of your marble. It also becomes a glossy, protective layer on the top of your marble to make it shine.

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Overall, we hope HomeMakerGuide gave you that much-needed helping hand in finding the best natural stone sealer. If you are looking for something that is destined towards beginners, this BulletProof water-based Stonetech carrara marble sealer might be the one for you. Even though it can cover up to 100 square feet, it can protect your surfaces for up to 5 years and comes at a reasonable price for the quality it provides. It might be the best marble sealer for you if you are interested in the maximum protection of your surfaces. The manufacturer claims that it can protect a surface for up to 5 years and that its non-acidic formula can cover up to 800 square feet. While it’s not the cheapest one, it definitely is the best overall.

Use a circular motion and keep rubbing the marble until it is dry and not tacky to the touch. Excess sealer could mar the finish of the stone, so keep buffing until it is completely removed. Pour some marble sealer into an open-mouthed container large enough to dip your paintbrush into. Turn on a fan or open a window while you do this; marble sealers frequently have high amounts of VOCs and can smell overwhelming. Spray the counter with a marble cleaner and buff dry with a soft cloth. This will remove any impurities from the surface of the marble that may interfere with the sealing process.

From steamy pots of soup to a homemade tomato sauce, it’s a given that your backsplash will be splashed by liquids and foods—some of them highly pigmented! The best way to keep your Calacatta marble backsplash and marble countertops clean and looking beautiful is to seal them with a safe and effective marble sealer. Use another clean, dry cloth to buff the sealer into the marble, using circular motions. Continue to buff the marble until the sealer is completely soaked into the stone, and the marble feels dry. If the surface has a tacky or sticky feel, continue to buff until the marble is smooth to the touch, and has a high level of shine. While sealing won’t completely prevent staining, this act will help your marble resist major stains and boost its glossiness.

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On the other hand, polished marble refers to marble that has undergone the polishing process. Polished marble will emphasize the coloring and veins present in the natural stone. Honed marble is marble that has not gone through the polishing process.

  • Do not sit, stand or place a substantial amount of weight on a marble countertop.
  • To protect your marble countertop, choose and test a sealer, apply your chosen sealer, and keep the countertop clean.
  • Penetrating sealers offer more protection and Tuff Ducks offering certainly does protect surfaces well.
  • To clean the marble, you should spray the cleaner on the surface of the stone and wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel.

The manufacturers also assure purchasers that the Miracle Sealants Plus will not just make surfaces tougher but also less slippery. Over time, some liquids cause staining and damage to the marble. Sealers best marble sealer work by stopping these liquids from soaking into the marble. Sealers use a carrier, using various penetration techniques, to transport specialized polymers into the deep pores of the marble.

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Drytreat is made specifically for countertop applications. Before applying the sealer to the entire item or floor, you may want to select an area on the back or bottom of the statue or a tile in a discreet area to test. This testing method lets you make sure there is no discoloration or fogginess as a result of using the compound.

Professional Quality Stone Care – TriNova’s Granite Sealer & Protectant offers a premium sealant and caring solution for your premium stone surfaces, including marble. Great for Quartz, Marble, Granite, Quartzite, and Soapstone. Last but not least, this polished marble sealer from Black Diamond is probably the easiest to use on our list. It can protect your stone with its water-based, odorless formula.

If the grout is new, wait at least 48 hours—72 is better—before applying grout sealer. This gives the fresh grout enough time to dry completely. The Miracle Sealants 15-ounce spray bottle uses a consistent pressure spray for equal coverage on the surface. The formula can be applied to grout, concrete, brick and other natural stones . For floors, you can use the spray inside and out since it will resist the common moisture levels found in outdoor environments.

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Formulated with a hydrophilic molecular sealant, the sealer bonds on contact, creating a barrier preventing stains. Imperia Maintenance Cleaner extends and preserves the sealants lives significantly. The Drytreat Stainproof is a much higher VOC solvent based sealer that is also the most expensive sealer tested. These two sealers also worked well to seal any grout between stone tiles. A good stone sealer must also be resilient to everyday cleaners and contaminates and not break down over time.

Make sure your marble surface is clean and dry, then wipe on the sealer in thin and even layers, waiting for each coat to dry for at least 48 hours. When marble is not sealed for a long time, it becomes more prone to moisture and usage damage. Replacing marble is much costlier than sealing it annually.

The biggest reason for using marble is that it looks elegant and beautiful. A good sealer will help keep up your marble’s outstanding appearance, be it interior or exterior. Which type of sealer you will need can differ based on what the marble area is used for and also the type of the marble itself. To cover larger areas like the floors of rooms, you will need multiple quarts of a sealer to apply at least two layers of it.

You should give your Carrara marble a good cleaning after each use or once a day with a special stone cleaner. Rock Doctor’s Granite & Quartz Cleaner is made to clean natural stone surfaces, including Carrara marble. To clean the marble, you should spray the cleaner on the surface of the stone and wipe it off with best marble sealer a soft cloth or paper towel. Make sure there isn’t anything on the stone when you start to clean it, as moving debris around on the surface could scratch the stone. TuffSkin Surface Protection solves the marble etching and staining challenges in the stone industry and the commercial and residential markets.